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Author Topic: John Goodman GUILTY  (Read 826 times)
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« on: March 23, 2012, 11:13:23 PM »

I think many of us are surprised by the guilty verdict, since wealthy influential americans are usually above the law. But on rare occasions, justice is served.

Now off you go pretty boy. Time to pay the piper, polo club playboy.
But hey, we all know even if Goodman gets hard time, he won't be sharing a cell with Bubba. He won't be locked up with a ghetto thug, convicted cop killa, like I was for several months. He won't be gagging on rancid jailhouse slop like I did either. No my friends. He'll be chillin in the VIP lounge. Some hidden back room where the warden and guards go to party with the rich and famous. There will be steak, caviar and champagne. Music, dancing, and of course prepaid whores. And naturally conjugal visits from his adopted girlfriend. You'll never hear about it on the news though. A billion bucks buys a lot of very discreet and loyal friends.

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